Judging Wealth with Caturtamsa

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Pete Rose

Pete Rose

Let us now study the chart of Pete Rose who rose to fame and wealth as a professional base ball player in the USA and then lost both because of a gambling scandal. Here is a brief synopsis of his story gleaned from AstroDatabank:

He began playing in the spring of 1963 bringing in what for that time was a great deal of money especially for a man coming from a poor background. He was one of the highest paid players of his day. From 1984 to his fall in 1989 he was the player-manager of his team making a 7 figure salary plus extras for commercial endorsements and other sport related business.

His fall from grace started on Feb 20, 1989 when investigations began on his gambling habits. Rose was suspended from baseball on August 23, 1989 for betting on his own team from 1985 through 1987. Rose was sentenced on July 19, 1990 to five months in prison and three months in a half-way house. Though he was not completely broke and on the street after this incident he was never able to recover his previous position or income. To make matters worse on April 21, 1990 he pled guilty to two charges of filing false income tax returns not showing income he received from selling autographs and baseball memorabilia. Rose received a short prison sentence and fined $50,000 on July 20, 1990. He was released January 7, 1991 after having paid $366,041 in back taxes and interest on $354,968 of unreported income.


His chart is an interesting one with three exalted and three debilitated planets. Wealth is seen by lord of 2nd and 9th exalted in the 11th there is also 11th lord (with nicabhanga) in 2nd house causing parivartana yoga (exchange of signs), and the 2nd and 11th lords mutually aspect each other. Guru lord of 1st and 10th is also strongly influenced by these same two planets.

He started his professional career during the Budha-Mangala period. Though nica in Rasi chart Budha is well placed in the 10th in Navamsa along with uca Sani while Mars is also well placed. In Dasamsa it is even better as both Budha and Mars are conjoined together in the 9th and aspected by Venus.

In Caturtamsa Budha is lord of 1st and 10th in the 10th aspected by Venus lord of 2nd and 9th and Mars is in the 11th from lagna as dispositor of exalted Sun and debilitated Moon. Mars is himself debilitated but it would seem that the parivartana between Mars and the Moon reduces that effect to a degree. I have also seen in my clinical experience that mutual aspect of debilitated Mars and Guru (friendly to each other) in varga charts seems to largely soften the blow of debilitation. (This is even more prominent when Venus and Mercury mutually aspect each other in debilitation in varga charts. As Sun and Saturn are mutually inimical their mutual aspect in debilitated vargas is not so useful in my clinical experience. Even when Sun and Saturn are exalted their mutual aspect has to be carefully watched. This subject of mutual aspect of debilitated planets would be a good topic forfurther research to confirm or deny my clinical experience.) Also from main lord Budha, Mars is 11th lord in the 2nd. So from this stage finances began to improve and continued even through the Ketu period as Ketu in V4 is strongly influence by both Venus and Mercury who combined rule houses 1, 2, 9, and 10.

His sudden fall from grace took place during his Sukra-Guru bhukti September 20, 1988 to May 22, 1991 which coincided with the 2nd half of the Sukra mahadasha which started on July 22, 1988. Why is this last fact important? Sukra owns two houses 3rd and 8th and is exalted in the 1st, so while on the whole Sukra will give the effect of both houses the first ten years will have more 3rd house effects while the second 10 years more 8th house effects. Hence we can expect sudden changes in life and death (real or metaphorical) in the second half of the Venus period. In his case he didn’t physically die but perhaps death would have been preferable for as Lord Krsna says in the Gita 2.34 “for one who has been honored dishonor is worse than death.” In any case his baseball career came to an end and died.

The Dasamsa really tells the story. Sukra is lord of houses 5 and 12, while Guru is lord of houses 7 and 10. Guru and Sukra and in 6/8 from each other and worst of all Guru is nica and in the 8th from lagna conjunct Ketu. And in Caturtamsa Guru is nica and afflicted by a malefic who is also 8th lord. His career and reputation is ruined and along with that his main source of livelihood. This last point should be carefully noted. Why is that? The varga charts are not independent of each other and especially not of the Rasi chart; they are only aids to give clues to the intelligent astrologer. In the subsequent Sani bhukti where Sani is uca in V4 he was not able to recoup his losses because the effects of the previous bhukti were so catastrophic as to make it impossible for him to return to his previous status as Sani in V10 is giving the result also of 8th house tenanted by nica Guru and Ketu and he is also aspecting major Lord Venus. Sani is also in involved in a parivartana yoga with Mars focusing on the 6th and 9th houses hence his destiny at that time was blighted.

But because Sani is strong in Navamsa and Caturtamsa he was not bankrupted but he now makes an honest living hosting a radio show, running a restaurant, tending investments, and selling sports memorabilia. But this is far from his previous earnings as player and manager. He is still attempting to be reinstated for while he can not play because of age he could manage a team and earn huge income.

Another interesting thing to note is that while Sani is debilitated in the 2nd and lord of the 12th he is not related to his loss of money or prestige but actually because Sani is uca in both Navamsa and Caturtamsa he actually preserves his wealth and keeps him living at least a comfortable life if not a wealthy one. It was Guru who was the main culprit, it made him over confident to the extent that he literally gambled away his career.

Another thing to note is that while Surya is exalted in all the charts we have discussed the subsequent Surya mahadasha following Sukra mahadasha was not able to reinstate him to where he would like to be though there have been improvements. At least one former President of the USA has spoken up on his behalf but to date he has not been allowed to get re-involved in baseball as he would like, so serious was his sin. The situation when Surya took over was so bad that while he saved him from complete poverty he could not revive his previous glories.


In conclusion we can see that when used with other diagnostic tools Caturtamsa is a valuable aid in judging and timing matters related to wealth. But it should always be remembered that no one tool should be used independent of the others or we will go wrong. Also no one index will yield a result but when we see many indices converging and creating a pattern we can confidently conclude what the result will be, assuming of course that we start with accurate birth data. It is relatively easy to do post-mortum readings on known people the real test is to predict wealth before they become rich, hopefully this study will aid the student in doing so.

References: AstroDatabank

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