Judging Wealth with Caturtamsa

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Ben Afflect

Ben Affleck

Our first two examples Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are connected as they were best friends and partners. The following from Rodden's AstroDatabank (a must for the serious astrologer) sums up the situation:

[Ben Affleck] American actor, an Academy Award winner on March 23, 1998 for the Best Original Screenplay of the film Good Will Hunting. He and Matt Damon were two Cambridge buddies who first did the script as a Harvard assignment. When Hollywood snapped up the script, 1997 was an incredible year for the two life-long friends, taking them on a rollicking ride from struggling actors, upstarts on a short list of hot new talent, to winners of the most prestigious award in the field. In three years he went from struggling to pay his $300-a-month rent to commanding $12 million per film.


Let’s first look at Ben Affleck’s chart. The basic wealth giving planets and houses are well situated: 1st and 4th lord is in the 2nd, 5th lord is in the 1st, 2nd lord is in the 5th, 11th lord Mars is strong in the 3rd and aspects the 10th and is in turn aspected by the strong 10th lord creating a sambhandha between 10th and 11th, and Sani lord of the 9th aspects both 2nd and 9th houses as well as 1st and 4th lord in the 2nd. Sani in 12th suggesting success away from his native place.

His Guru - Mangala period started on Jan 17, 1997. Guru is well placed in own sign in 7th and aspecting the 11th house and Mars lord of the 11th who is in the favorable 3rd.

In Navamsa (V9 – Varga 9) Guru and Mangala between them rule 2, 3, 10, and 11th and situated respectively in the 4th and 5th and Mars is mutually aspecting Budha lord of the 5th located in the 11th – all favorable.

In Caturtamsa (V4 – Varga 4) we note that Guru is in svamsa (own amsa) and in the lagna while Mars ruler of 5th and 12th is in the 9th and aspected by Guru a strong indicator of a increase in fortunes of the financial variety. Mars is also aspected by Sani ruler of the 2nd, and his dispositor in V-4, the Sun is in Mesha and also aspected by Guru. It was during this short period that he went from struggling actor who could barely pay his rent to a very wealthy man.

What is interesting is that his Dasamsa (V-10) is not so spectacular, Guru and Moon together as 2, 5, and 9th lords is very good but Guru is in an unfavorable sign though nicabhanga is present, and that Mars is in the 12th with Venus. So while he made a lot of money and won some fame and acclaim it was dampened some what as he didn’t play the lead part but only supporting roles. With the onset of the Sani mahadasha things have not been so good as his other projects have basically floundered as Sani is lord of 8th and 9th and situated in the 12th in Rasi. This along with lagna lord in 12th in V10 is a strong suggestion that at least till 2009 he would be better off taking supporting roles than the lead.

Revised 2017. Mr. Afflect’s career has had a major upturn since 2010, and especially in 2012 when the film “Argo” which he both starred in and directed was nominated for seven academy awards and winning best picture.

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