Judging Wealth with Caturtamsa

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mike bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg

Next we will look at Michael Bloomberg. Here is a very concise description of his life regarding his financial situation from Rodden’s AstroDatabank:

American politician, elected the 108th Mayor of New York City on November 6, 2001, succeeding Rudy Giuliani. In the worlds of finance and financial journalism, Michael Bloomberg is a phenomenon. From a modest background, the son of a bookkeeper and a homemaker he is now the 41st richest American (82nd in the world) with a net worth of $4.5 billion (as of 2002), he runs a vast communications empire that takes in $2.5 billion a year in revenue and employs more than 8,000 people in more than 100 offices worldwide.

With student loans and a part time job of parking cars, he earned an engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1964 and continued to Harvard Business School for two years. He began work as a bond trader at Salomon Brothers firm in 1966, becoming a partner in 1972. He was soon supervising all of Salomon's stock trading, sales and later, its information systems. But his relationship with Salomon ended abruptly after the company was purchased by the Phibro Corporation in 1981 and he was fired, a move he called political back-stabbing.

Bloomberg used his $10 million severance package to start his own firm. He persuaded Merrill-Lynch to back his plan to build a system that supplied data and analysis of that data. Prior to then, all trading information was in bookkeeping ledgers and past issues of financial journals. Tapping into the capacity of electronics, Bloomberg built a service of current and past information for the business community to access, a company that is now indispensable to the financial world. Once he delivered, the firm put up a critical $30 million for a 30% stake. Later, Merrill Chief Executive Daniel P. Tully graciously waived Bloomberg's exclusive contract with Merrill so he could market his service to others. By 2000, Bloomberg L.P. has nearly 160,000 subscribers worldwide. Bloomberg News was launched in 1990, providing economic, business, political and sports stories to leading corporations, financial institutions and newspapers throughout the world. Bloomberg Radio followed in 1993, a general news station with an emphasis on business and the markets. The following year, Bloomberg TV made a debut and has expanded to ten different networks broadcasting in seven languages worldwide.


First let us look at the general financial indicators in the Rasi kundali: Moon lagna lord is in 7th conjunct Venus lord of 4th and 11th and aspected by Guru lord of the 9th who is in the 11th. Sun lord of 2nd in the 8th is generally not good but in relation to financial markets, banking and investments it can be excellent. And as a general indicator of strength the lagna is vargottama.

Guru mahadasha ran from May 23, 1966 to May 23, 1982 it was during this period that he became wealthy after beginning work as a bond trader in 1966 until he was fired in 1981 with $10,000,000 severance package. But during his Sani Mahadasa from May 23, 1982 to May 23, 2001 is when he became super wealthy and giving away $100,000,000 in charity annually. Let us look at these two periods.

Guru as previously noted in the Rasi chart he is 9th lord in the 11th aspecting the lords of 1st, 4th, and 11th. In Dasamsa (V10) Guru is 9th lord uca in the 4th so he got his big start but in Navamsa he is in the 12th and aspected by Sani so he was in the background and not able to come forward according to his potential seen in Rasi. In Caturtamsa Guru is well placed in the 5th so along with boost in career as indicated in Dasamsa he got boost in income which he was able to use as capitol to start his own company. So in summary during his Guru mahadasha he started as a bond trader, became a partner, was betrayed, used his capitol to start his own company which became wildly successful especially in the following Sani mahadasha. Now let us look at why Sani was so financially successful for him.

First we note that in Rasi chart Sani is nica in the 10th but with several nicabhanga yogas so this is a very strong position. In Navamsa, Sani is in favorable 6th aspected by Guru lord of 6th and 9th. In Dasamsa Sani is extremely powerful as lord of 10th and 11th in 10th conjoined Venus and aspected by exalted Guru lord of 9th. These strongly indicate his rise in career. But does it pay off financially? In Caturtamsa Sani is in his own sign conjoined exalted Mars the yoga karaka. He became a billionaire. We also note that in Shadbala Sani and Mars are the most powerful planets followed in magnitude by Guru and Sukra.

Up to this time we have not said anything about Mercury who actually is quite prominent in all the chakras discussed so far. In Rasi he is lord of 3rd and 12th in the 7th conjoined Moon and Venus and aspects the lagna. In Vargas 4, 9, and 10 he is in the lagna in each case as lord of the 3rd and twice as lord of the 12th. What to make of this? I suggest that Budha’s prominent position indicates his involvement in business and in particular computers and communication focused on business needs. The 3rd lordship fortifies the communications aspect while the 12th lordship strongly suggests the large amounts of charity he gives.

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